Leather Tote Bags

Go hands-free with a Greenwood Leather leather tote bag. Our leather bags combine style and functionality in an exceptional manner. The unique treatment of our leathers gives the totes a special look and a soft feeling.

The craftsmanship we apply to the production of our leather tote bag will assure that your bag will be of the highest quality available on the market. Every tote bag is designed practically and very spacious. It's easy to bring all your daily essentials along.

Sturdy grips or detachable shoulder straps. In our online shop, you can easily find the best combination that suits all your needs. The bags are made of a soft kind of leather, called wax pull-up leather. Our leather tote bags will give you both an elegant as well as a casual look whenever you need it.

Our shoppers are produced in multiple colors. Most models are available in the colors camel, brown and sandel. However, we also have some shoppers that come in the colors red or blue.

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