100% Genuine Leather


The GREENWOOD® brand exclusively uses the full-grain leather. Our leathers come from Australia, India and Brazil and have a very long service life due to their high-quality, finely cross-linked structure and careful tanning. Nevertheless, even the highest quality full-grain leather will have small imperfections, from scarring from barbed wire, to insect bites, greasy pieces of skin or neck wrinkles. These small imperfections are part of our leather and ensure the authentic, handmade look that our products have.

          Natural Characteristics of Leather


We don't use cheap tanning process. The subsequent tanning takes place exclusively with natural tanning agents  and also the colouring of the leather occurs only with natural dyes. In the end the leather is treated with natural oil and wax to nourish it and make it more robust and vintage looking.

All this natural process results in beautiful looking leather that develops an unique feel and look over time, literally getting better with age like an old wine.

Our manufacturing factory is located in India. We have a wonderful working relationship with our manufacturer. Our values align and we share a common goal to produce the best quality bags for fair prices. This factory is built in a safe environment where there are good living conditions for the employees.

Our aim is to offer you well thought-out, well-made products at a fair price, all year round.

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