Women Shoulder Bag Ballarat - Camel

Compact vintage leather shoulder bag from greenwood Leather. The perfect-sized shoulder bag to store your personal belongings.

This leather shoulder bag has a flap-over with magnetic closure. There is one main zippered compartment under the Flap. On the inside of the main compartment is an extra zippered compartment and a compartment to store your smartphone. At the front, under the flap, you will find another zippered compartment and an insert compartment. For extra storage space, the back also has a zippered pocket.

This shoulder bag is made of Two Tone Vintage Leather. Due to the unique treatment of this leather, the bag has a slightly mottled look with a beautiful two-tone colour experience. This gives the bag a unique look.

Dimensions: approx. width: 24 cm, height 24 cm, depth 7 cm.

Material: Full-grain cowhide in a timeless vintage look.

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